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Team Gina!Dana and I are here at the Capitol Hill Block Party and so excited to be blogging right here from the center of the action here at Caffe Vita. The pavement and people still look fresh (rather than the sweaty spectacle I imagine they’ll be later in the day) and the Hill is alive with the sound of indie rock.

We started off with the PWRFL Power set (Dana’s vigorously typing that review up now) and then headed over to the wickedly cool Team Gina show (that will be coming from elle very soon!). Although I am a lover of all things lo-fi and quirky, my memories of the PP songs are overshadowed by the force that is Team Gina. They tore it up with their whip smart and hilarious songs about girls and 12 year old boys.

Mirah just took the stage, we’re going to run and try to go catch a couple songs before heading to the Pop Machine (the name alone has my interest piqued).

Oh, and there’s Team Gina getting carded on their way into the nearby beer garden, cool!

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