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with a new site comes a new music calendar, of sorts. the layout's a little different, but it's really the input that's changed. speaking of, apologies to anyone who was confused by some shows popping up a day early in the "today" sidebar. the kinks* have been worked out, though, so that should not happen anymore.

one of the biggest changes is that i can do on-the-fly updates (and the occasional correction), so i'll do my best to keep constantly letting you know about shows as soon as i hear about them. the events e-dress is still the best way to contact me, but there are a few different ways to do it through the site which will work, too.

if you have any thoughts on additions or subtractions that could make the calendar better, please let me know.


*ah, the kinks. i've been listening to muswell hillbillies in the car the last few days. that run of studio albums from face to face to hillbillies (skipping percy, of course) was stupendous. i maintain that hillbillies was their last truly great album. thoughts? challenges?