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Did anyone see Colbert last night?

REM was the guest and I must say I'm so proud of our boys.

The new song really does make up for the last couple years of blase songs (c'mon, your neighbors surely let you know that last few albums have been a bit out of the housewife ramshackle ilk in comparison to your glorious Athens recording days).

Friends, watch and behold our lovely blue eyed Stipe angel:

Amazing! Aha, those boxes of REM magazine covers and fan club mailings are sought after ebay items once again!

Now that I've primed your REM roundtable engines… I've got some questions for you:

  • Does Peter Buck still live in Seattle? I'd like to believe so, but don't blame him for taking of residence in Athens, GA again… that town is so lovey (and less expensive).
  • Did Mike Mills ever have a cocaine problem? I really don't think so and have tried researching it as I've only ever heard the rumor from one (maybe two) people. But then again, I'm naive and always give Mike the benefit of the doubt. He's a nice guy, but I guess he could have that party animal side to him as well?
  • Has anyone heard the new album in its entirety? Is it as good as the first single?
  • Will you go see REM if/when they play Key Arena (currently the closest they're getting to a Seattle stop is at Vancouver's Deer Lake Park)?