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KTUB on May 23If Seattle lawmakers got you down, why not come over to Kirkland for a night and enjoy some fine local music? Three Imaginary Girls is proud to present this lovely all-ages (and inexpensive!) show this Friday, May 23.

TIG favorites BOAT will be playing KTUB in all their sloppy-pop glory, along with Seattle's Young Sportsmen, and Eastside bands Mighty Giant and the Prawns. What better way to kick off a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend than with these talented acts?

The show will be the last that current KTUB booking intern Katie Nguyen will be putting together, so come say goodbye while you enjoy the tunes. She's off to Seattle University where I'm sure she'll be doing some more amazing things in the music scene.

I know you're all reluctant to come over to the Eastside. Honestly though, we're fine folk. Don't be weirded out by how unnaturally clean Kirkland is, it's just because they have a lot of money. And don't be turned off by the gothic preteens outside of KTUB — they usually don't come inside.