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Hey Imaginaries! I'm trying something new with the website and wanted to be sure folks knew about it. For some reason that's a little hard to comprehend, Seattle didn't have a full theatrical run of the new Morgan Spurlock documentary about the San Diego Comic-con. The film follows a set of distinct fans through a pilgrimage to the annual Mecca of comic geek culture. I was actually in San Diego for the convention the year this was filmed, and I seriously want to watch it on the big screen. Thankfully making such a chance available.'s business model allows folks to demonstrate demand up front for a film and in doing so guarantee a screening. If we can get enough people interested, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope will play in Seattle on May 14th at Pacific Place. Tickets are $9 and can be reserved via the film's event page on There's a certain minimum number needed to guarantee the screening happens, so if you'd like to attend please sign up as soon as possible. If that minimum is hit, then the show goes on (and your credit card is charged). If it's not, then you pay nothing and we all find something else to do that night. With SIFF just a few days past that, think of this as your last chance to see a movie without waiting in line. 

For full disclosure the film is available today on VOD channels – but don't you think a film about community should be seen in a public space? Hope to see everyone there!