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There's all kindsa talk about the Planet in Peril, and we here at imaginary headquarters are always looking for ways to do our part. In this week's Seattle Weekly "Outsider" email, I found some stats that surprised me. Compost away people!

Tip of the Week:
"Recycle your leftover Halloween food, including pumpkins and candy. According to a research associate for the Institute for the Study of Planet Earth, “About 25 percent of the nation's waste that goes into landfills is actually food products that could be composted…Landfills create methane, which is a major greenhouse gas and about 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide." Food scraps can be included in your compost bin, buried in your yard or, in many places in the Puget Sound, recycled in your yard waste bin. See for details."

—-Corey Colwell-Lipson, Founder – Green Halloween

Need some more direction into the world of composting? Here's a Compost Awareness video aimed at teens complete with hip soundtrack. It is much more interesting and less goofy than the other, more-adult tutorials out there.