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Next week I'm off to NYC for CMJ Music Marathon, the East Coast answer to SXSW. As usual, all the bands I really really want to see will be playing at the exact same time in different venues, but with the multitude of bands rocking all week long I will surely not go empty-handed. Empty-eared? Hmm.

I'll also be asking anyone who'll give me the time a series of interview questions, which will culminate in an editorial piece for my day job. I was thinking, what if I snuck in one extra *imaginary* question? Then I can assemble all the answers to that question and post the whole thing back on here when I come back up for air next Sunday, or soon thereafter.

So, your mission: Come up with the best question for me to ask. No requirements or restrictions; silly, serious, existential, whatever. We'll pick our collective favorite, and I'll ask it of all the smalltime, mediumtime, and bigtime (if I meet any) rockers I can.

I guess there isn't really a prize for the person who wins this "contest," other than the warm feeling you get from having your question answered by some dude who plays drums for some band. Is that not enough?

Fire away! You have until Monday.