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TIG fave Amy Winehouse has apparently almost completely ended her own singing career by smokin' crack and ciggies. Emphysema, here she comes.

As seen in Mail Online:

Amy Winehouse’s devoted father Mitch has revealed the singer is covered in nicotine patches in a bid to save her career.

In an emotional interview the cab driver told how doctors have warned his daughter she must stay off drugs if she wants to sing again.

The rake-thin singer is also "eating like a horse" in a new-found determination to kick the destructive habits that have plagued her career.

Winehouse, who has contracted emphysema, was rushed to hospital last week.

"She's covered in nicotine patches," Mitch told Radio 5 Live today.

"The only thing that can go into her lungs are fresh air. She faces a stark choice – either she sticks to it or she won't sing again."