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Despite all the crazy news about Chop Suey and the Crocodile (RIP), I have spent the day buzzing with excitement because we are a mere 48 hours from our amazing Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville bash!!

My brain has been filled-to-the-brim with some of my favorite Phair lyrics, like these:

"You almost felt bad." (best use of the world almost since "Divorce Song")

"They bully the stereo and drink
They leave suspicious things in the sink." 

"With or without my best intentions" 

"Weave my disgust into fame"

"Check out the thinning hair
Check out the aftershave
Check out America
You're looking at it babe."
"Tell them to jump higher
Tell 'em to run farther
Make 'em measure up
Decades longer than you"
Recognize what songs all those lyrics come from? Want to win some prizes? Then I have good news for you!
We're going to have live "name that Exile in Guyville lyric" trivia in-between sets at the show, and we're looking for a few good contestants. Think you have what it takes? Email us for a chance to compete!