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With the closing of of our Crocodile Cafe seeming less and less like a rumor and more like a sad, cold fact, a couple of immediate questions have entered my head. Since I have no answers, I propose we start a few imaginary rumors by speculating on them here:

  • Who is going to buy the Crocodile? (I can't think it's going to be torn down and turned to condos…. not yet, and especially because I don't think Tula's and the other spaces on that block are going anywhere).

  • Where is Jim "the best sound guy in Seattle" going to go next? Jim is without equal in this town when it comes to making every band sound their absolute best, and a super nice guy to boot. He's legendary. Surely every club in Seattle has attempted to contact him in the past few hours to try to woo him over, no? I for one hope he settles into another great club — and that he gets to bring that amazing sound system with him.

For what it's worth, my crack at the rumor bat: I wish Three Imaginary Girls could buy the Croc. But since the only money we have is imaginary… I think Dave Meinert should buy it. He seems the most likely to ship-shape the place up, ensure it earns enough money to stay viable, and keeping the same genre of music (with some political fundraisers thrown into the mix, which would be rad, really).

And I predict Jim will end up following former Crocodile booker Pete Greenberg to Chop Suey… and that Chop Suey will start booking great indie-bills again.

This is pure conjecture and is in no way based in any objective facts that I know of. It's my way of putting it out to the Universe that I don't want my favorite rock club closed forever. I hope it works!