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One of my hands-down favorite things of 2012 that I completely forgot to mention in my year-end list (I knew there'd be something) was / is Slang. The fact that Slang exists / is happening, seeing Slang open up for Lemolo at the Triple Door during City Arts Fest, learning about Slang — all of it. (YOU GUYS. SLANG. QUADRUPLE UNDERLINE.) It was the one set all year that totally took me by surprise, that had me squee-ing in my seat the entire time and tweeting in all-caps for hours afterward.

If you haven't caught 'em yet: simply put, they're the best fucking cover band that ever was. Technically, Slang is Drew Grow (of DG & The Pastors Wives fame) and Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Wild Flag) shredding away, singing their hearts out with this imperfectly perfect vibe. They've got a glorious habit of completely destroying choice selections you know and love, breaking your heart with pure delight as each line goes by. And they put out this sweet ditty of a video this week (above) that makes my insides skip a beat remembering just how rad the live shows are.

Slang for President. Slang At Every God Damn Festival in 2013. (Seriously!) Friend them on Facebook (how do they not have 19,000 friends?) and then make sure you get to the next show you catch wind of. Looks like there's one coming up, an opening set on the 15th of this month at Valentines. Portland friends, get there!

The other thing that ramped up on the 'nets this week is the new cut from the upcoming Telekinesis record Dormarion, "Ghosts and Creatures." It's a departure and an evolution from his previous work; the chorus speaks to a specific brand of Northwest sound that's orchestral and stripped-down all at once. There's a different kind of ache, an inherent maturity, and a fundamental gearshift in production here that leaves the seasoned Telekinesis listener (well, those of us in the imaginary office, at least) liking what we hear, and clamoring for more.

Apparently the band proper (one Michael Benjamin Lerner, of course) will be touring this next time out with Eric Elbogen (Say Hi), Erik Walters (The Globes), and Rebecca Cole (Wild Flag) — and I can't quantify it any further other than to say it's good shit all around, and we are pumped to hear the rest of the album and see the shows. Get the skinny over at Merge and pre-order if you have the means.

Happy Friday!