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So, final plans for The Cure's tour have been announced. Folks all over the country will now catch the band next spring rather than this fall… Most all of those fans will also get to see The Cure headlining their own show.

But not those of us in the Seattle area. Nope, now the band will headline Sasquatch Festival. That's right, at the Gorge. In May. Probably while the sun is still out. Wouldn't it have been more apt to stick with the original plan: a Seattle show on a dreary, rainy night in October? 

Apparently The Cure is promised 150 minutes to close out Sasquatch, but still…Do we really want to traipse across the pass to hang out amidst a bunch of whitehats? Let’s not forget that the tickets were a pretty penny; Ticketmaster will honor the original tickets at the new show – but I highly suspect Sasquatch tix won’t cost near as much as the original Cure price… 

*Big* sigh…

If you already have tickets and want to skip it all together, join me in line. Ticketmaster will refund your cash until November 1.