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The Blank TapesHailing from Orange County, the blank tapes recently released their third album, daydreams. The band is spearheaded by Matt Adams who writes and records all of the songs on cassette tapes using an old Tascam 8-track. The outcome is a beautiful album of 25 songs (actually 26 including the secret track) oozing with authenticity.

The songs have a distinct Elephant 6 vibe about them… both in the DIY aesthetic and the feeling that each song has flowed seamlessly from Matt’s consciousness.

My favorite tracks on the album are “love seems strange now” and “sun rock” – but the MP3s they have posted on their website are fine enough until we can find links to one of my favs:

They’ve also posted a couple other selections on their MySpace page. And for those imaginaries in California – looks like you're in luck! Matt is doing a solo tour up and down your fine state.