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FootLaos with Rachel Flotard

Last year, Rachel Flotard {Visqueen, Cobirds Unite}visited southern Laos’s Ban Na Mouang Village where Rachel’s friend, Justin Nonthaveth, has family.  While there, she and her fellow do-gooder friends danced on the newly paved schoolroom floor, installed thanks to funds raised at 2009’s FOOTLAOS party.  While there, she also delivered additional new text books, donated soccer balls and any other craft supplies, toothbrushes and such she could stuff in her luggage.

This year, Seattle, let’s do it again. Let’s gather together to raise funds to make a big difference in the lives of these children by giving their schoolroom walls. Yes, WALLS!

There couldn’t be a more fun way to make this magic happen than than to CUT FOOTLAOS this Wednesday, December 1st in Capitol Hill. The event spans two venues allowing for maximum booty shaking:

Sole Repair Shop – 1001 East Pike, Seattle
Starting at 8pm, there will be DJs on hand to get everybody dancing — as well as drinks and munchable treats.

The Comet Tavern – 922 E. Pike Street, Seattle
Bands will be destroying the entire Footloose soundtrack to the delight of everyone on the dance floor. Rumor has it these folks will take the stage: With Robert Roth of Truly, Rachel Flotard, Brian Naubert of Ruston Mire, Airport, Kimo Muraki, Lesli Wood of the Redwood Plan, Michael Lee of Mal De Mer, Matty & Mikey of Curtains For You, Mike Squires of Duff McKagan’s Loaded.

If you can’t make it Wednesday night (or even if you can), you can donate via a secure Footlaos Paypal account set up at:
Cash goes DIRECTLY to renovating the school and buying these kids/teachers supplies.

To find out more about the community these donations touch, you can read the stunning details of her 2008 visit on her blog.