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This might be one of those fun online meme things that I'm the last to know about, but I'm gonna share it anyways. My pal Kate suggested I type in "Dana needs" into a google search box, and read the results… the idea being that I should find similar results to things I actually need, being that we Dana's are all so similar, I suppose.

Here are the top search results I found:

Dana needs some breathing room.
Dana needs a new home.
Dana needs a transgendered friend.
Dana needs your love!
Dana needs help to stand out in this crowded field.
Dana needs to survive now and be a competitive force.
Dana needs to be the center of attention, be the prettiest, the most fortunate, the most talented, the bestest.
Dana needs to play catch up by starting off by sipping on a shot of Jameson with 24 oz. of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

And my personal favorite, and most applicable…

Dana needs to write something entertaining for me!

To that end, here's my personal list for this morning:

  • Dana needs another cup of tea.
  • Dana needs to get started on her dayjob work or she's gonna be in trouble.
  • Dana needs the Throw Me the Statue CD because they're her favorite new local band.
  • Dana needs to find a reviewer to cover the Kindness Kind CD release party on November 2nd because she's probably gonna be too pregnant to make it.
  • Dana needs to answer about 100 imaginary emails that she likely won't have time to get to today.

And most of all, at the risk of getting super meta on all of you… Dana needs to know what you all need to do, right now. Go forth and google!

Share your needs below.