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The Wildrose seemed an odd venue for a Das Llamas performance but I couldn't pass up the chance to finally catch this local rock band live. I listen to Das Llamas when I'm in the mood for a little head-banging smarts. These guys deliver full-on throttle.

Saturday night's performance was a short set featuring songs from the upcoming release Class Wars: K-12 on Aviation Records. I particularly liked "The Rules." That is some smart song-writing there, boys, with it's fast and aggressive build-up of tension. Catch it on their MySpace.

Kerry Zettel's ability to simultaneously vox, axe, and bang on the keyboard is rad. His keyboard stands just to his right so he can switch between guitar and keys in a fraction of a flash. I doubt many even noticed – – that's how smooth and seamless it went. And the vocals? Holy mother of God.

I appreciated the foursome's delivery style: fully engaged, yet avoiding the tendency of greener bands to overperform to the point of distraction from the music. Das Llamas presents a perfect balance.

Das Llamas produces tight, smart, driving music, can deliver it live, and are absolutely ready for the next thing. Go get 'em.