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I've wanted to see this for quite a while but I'm quite pressed for time this morning so I'm just going to repost part of the press release:


A Conversion Comedy Written & Performed by DAVID SCHMADER


Annex Theater, 1017 E Pike St. Shows at 8pm.

Tickets $15 at

Straight is David Schmader's hilarious and subversive excursion into the world of conversion therapy, where gays and lesbians are reputedly "cured" of their homosexuality and made "straight." Plunging into the heart of this highly charged territory—from going undercover at "ex-gay" support groups to an intensive crash course in Christian heterosexuality deep in the heart of Texas—Schmader blends an essayist's insight with the spark of stand-up comedy to confront difficult questions, reject easy answers, and get to the bottom of what it means to be "straight."

I think Schmader is a hilarious writer (and was fantastic co-hosting "Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville" last summer), so I'm very anxious to see him perform "Straight" again – and it's only a few weeks away.