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The record I've been most anxious for this year is Lily Allen's second album, It's Not Me, It's You. After failing to get an advance copy of it, I've been taking to plan B, holding my breath and waiting until February 10.

I try not being part of the hype machine with certain artists, but when it comes to Allen, I throw all objectivity out the window. Her first album, Still, Alright, was my favorite album of 2007. I've also really enjoyed everything I've heard from It's Not Me (probably about half the record).

Starting today, It's Not Me, It's You will be streaming on MySpace music. The press release says:

MySpace Music… is excited to announce the world exclusive premiere of It's Not Me, It's You, the highly anticipated second album from British singer and songwriter Lily Allen. Starting on February 3rd, MySpace users across the world will be able to stream her new album in its entirety, giving fans a chance to preview it before the official US release on February 10th. It's Not Me, It's You can be pre-ordered on Lily's MySpace page this week and will be available for purchase via MySpace Music on February 10th. In addition to her global album premiere, fans should stay tuned for exciting MySpace news about special performances by Lily Allen.

It's Not Me, It's You is going to be released next Tuesday – and, as a reminder, Easy Street Records is open until midnight on Mondays.