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One of my favorite local bands The Dead Science — if you can call them a band; elegant art terrorist cell is probably more accurate a description of their charms, especially on their gorgeous, nerve-shattering new album Villainaire — is participating in something I'm trying to figure out, but sounds scary and wonderful.

I'm going to quote leader Sam Mickens because his delineation of the project rules:

'"Our Summary in Sequence" is a month long conceptual triptych taking place in an abandoned warehouse where once upon a time City Light repaired and cared for the now dead Waterfront Street Car. Implied Violence has taken over this behemoth of a building, imposed our will upon it, and are releasing its potential on the unsuspecting, and criminally space deprived artists and audiences of Seattle.'

"BarleyGirl," a new play by Implied Violence, starts the chain of events, using over 100 short scenes by Mandie O'Connell as and features forty "golden sex links," sixty individual "sound domes," twelve horses, a tenpiece orchestra featuring members of Past Lives, and The Dead Science, along with a plethora of sound operators, performers, upside down trees, and sod.

'"BarleyGirl", is a play of epic sorrow and spectacle reaching levels of the absurd not seen since the heyday of Gilbert & Sullivan.'

"BarleyGirl" runs July 18th and 19th & July 25th and 26th at 801 Aloha St. (off of Dexter & Valley in S. Lake Union). Price: Suggested donation $10-$20. Tickets available Wednesday July 16th at Le Creperie Voila 701 Pike St. Reservations: [email protected], Telephone: 206.356.5948 or 206.526.8093