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The DCFC guys we'll adoringly refer to by their first names have gathered a fine lot of news as of late. Hold on to your bonnet, Ben, Chris, Nick, and Jason have been busy! Here's the skinny in boardroom agenda format:

  • New Death Cab for Cutie album has a name!
    • We are happy to announce that the new Death Cab album slated for release in May has a name: NARROW STAIRS.
    • Please stay tuned for more info about the new album which is coming soon.


  • Death Cab for Cutie will be at Coachella 2008!
    • The band are confirmed to perform at the Coachella Music and Arts festival on Saturday, April 26th.
    • Single day tickets are sold out but 3-day passes are still available at
    • It's a great line-up this year including The Racontuers, Portishead, Kraftwerk, My Morning Jacket and many others.


  • Chris Walla's album released yesterday and there's a video!
    • Chris Walla'’s solo debut album Field Manual is out in stores.
      • The stellar imaginary review should be posted very soon!
      • I'm really loving the album.
    • If you buy the album from before February 4th or at select indie records stores across the country, you will receive three bonus tracks.
    • Chris has just finished the first video from the album for "Sing Again" which can be found via the ecard here: as well as streaming tracks, photos and more.


  • Ben Gibbard scored the Kurt Cobain inspired movie About A Son!
    • TIG will be hosting a giveaway in a couple weeks – stay tuned!
    • If the beautiful film Kurt Cobain About A Son hasn't played at your local art-house cinema since it came out last year, you're about to get another chance to hear the film's score, which was composed and recorded by Ben Gibbard and Seattle musician/producer Steve Fisk.
    • The movie finally be available on DVD on February 19th.
    • Barsuk Records is releasing the original film score album digitally on February 19th as well.
      • A limited-edition double-vinyl version of the score will be out in April.
      • You can get more information about the soundtrack album and the original score album here.
      • PLEASE NOTE: Neither the soundtrack album nor the original score album contains any music of Nirvana or Kurt Cobain.
        • The soundtrack contains music that Kurt loved and that influenced him
        • The soundtrack also contains a cover that Ben did of the great Beat Happening song 'Indian Summer'
        • The film score album contains only original instrumental music that Ben and Steve did for the film.


We're still working on the powerpoint preso summary. For the time being you'll have to refer to your hand outs.