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Let's start Thursday off with some free music and tweets, shall we?


Point of order:

* "The Rake's Song" is available as a free download!

* The Decemberists on World Cafe today

* Colin is all a-twitter.

Adored mailing list recipients,

It is our utmost pleasure to offer you, dear Mailing List Recipient, the first crack at downloading a song culled from our upcoming Long Player, The Hazards of Love, due out on Capitol Records on March 24th. The song in question? It's called "The Rake's Song." Go immediately to to redeem said FREE DOWNLOAD! Share it with your friends! Post it as your Facebook update! Play it for your grandmother!

On second thought, don't play it for your grandmother.

In other news: NPR's World Cafe will be broadcasting a live session from the Decemberists along with an interview with Colin Meloy in the first hour of their show on Thursday, Jan. 15th. You can find your local station and times by scrolling to the bottom and choosing their state under "Find a Program Broadcast Time" at the following link.

Also: check out Colin's new twitter feed [!!!!!] for the most up-to-date abstruse information about him and the band. Put that in your proverbial pipe and proverbially smoke it.


The Decemberists