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Move over britpop, screamo, cuddlecore, and the like there's a new sub-genre under the umbrella of indie-pop in town: swot-pop!

As discussed in an article on The First Post, the movement is lead by performers like The Horrors (so cool that they quit the BRMC tour to hit the road on their own) and We Are The Physics (who sound more swot-punk than swot-pop). TFP explains, that swot-pop occurs when "New indie performers self-consciously style themselves as studious geeks."

Does that mean that BloodHag is swot-pop? Would Harry and the Potters be considered studious geeks?

I wonder why they didn't go with the name of geek-core or library-pop? I love coming up with names for sub-genres… what other indie-music movements have you all seen bubbling up and what have you named for them?