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Prometheus Brown / Blue Scholars

In case you missed the trending topics on twitter, news blasts, or fireside interviews; here’s the dirt: Sade is back. She’s got a new album that’s getting widespread attention, from the big tastemakers all the way down to my barista blasting some tracks in a Fremont cafe this morning.

Apparently, she’s a long-standing favorite of our own Blue Scholars’ Prometheus Brown as well — read on:

When all else fails, listening to old records and watching garbage TV always somehow provides refuge from the songwriting rut. Here’s an example.

One, I was bumping some old Sade in anticipation of her new Soldier of Love album. Two, I was flipping channels during halftime of a UW basketball game and landed on Fox News, where Michelle Malkin was back at it doing what she do. Spewing the same ol same: Tea Party this, moonbats that. But for the first time in my life, I agreed with her on something: you rappers need to go get a job!

As fate would have it, Sade’s “Feel No Pain” (Love Deluxe, 1992) has a vocal sample with her singing the line “get a job.” What are the chances? So I flipped the beat, sampled the vocals, and wrote this song about my favorite neo-conservative Filipina blogger. And what better timing to share it with you all than the week that Sade’s new album drops?

I wish all songs came this easily. Don’t you miss when overt racists were in power? Enjoy.
Rad, right? You can download “Michelle Malkin” here, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address.
And stay tuned — we’ll have more info on the next Blue Scholars show (where they’ll be blowing it up for two nights at the Showbox) in the upcoming weeks!