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So, earlier today my homemade seven-year-old CD shelves had a structural incident that caused the following:

CD Vomit

Now, my first instinct was to go find some new shelves to reorganize my collection, but dang, its expensive to buy CD shelves for 1000+ CDs with the following requirements:

  1. They fit in my apartment.
  2. They're not made of particle board.
  3. They're not horribly ugly.

Then it was suggested "Hey Erik, why don't you just go all digital?"


It hasn't struck me before, but the idea of not having to lug my CDs all over the country is appealing. However, there is something wonderful about the tangible feeling of a physical collection of music. That being said, it is now super cheap to get a 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive to house all my music easily. And I tend to listen to my music from my iPod or iTunes. (This, of course, doesn't include my vinyl… that is a different story).

So, what does the imaginary community think? Should I go digital or is that just sacriligeous?