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Cars Can Be Blue have a special place in my heart for a number of important reasons:

(a) They are named after a skit from the shortlived but undervalued MTV skit show The State. In this skit, contestants on a game show win orphans. Of course, both players play to lose and the final question is "Name a form of transportation". One contestant answers "blue" and the judges confer decide "Yes! Cars can be blue!" and every wins!

(b) The lead singer is cute. There, I said it. When I saw CCBB at the Croc in Seattle, I saw her wandering around the bar and thought "she looks like a cute indie girl with glasses" and I was right. What I didn't realize was the filth that would come from what appeared to be a demure lady.

(c) They saved me after a breakup. Yay!

Now, one thing you need to realize about CCBB is that they are very, very dirty. I mean filthy dirty. I mean, the drummer was in the crowd in his tighty whiteys grinding with random audience members dirty. And "The Dirty Song" is exactly what it seems. It starts sounding like a cute little indie rock song only to become a song that might make Chingy blush. For example, we find the lead singer singing lines like:

"You can sodomize me
get behind and ride me
stuff your c*^k inside me
proceed to f$#k me blindly

Yes, indeed. It's all topped by the slow and tender bridge of "We don't have to anything/if you don't want/we could just look into each others eyes/…and masterbate!" Oh yes. I just get all red-faced thinking about. How I love you, Cars Can Be Blue!



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