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As you consider your options this weekend — and there are many festivals to choose from all over the spectrum, from BIG time gigs like the Download Festival at the Gorge to a blast from the past with Geezer Fest at the Crocodile — keep the smaller guy on the spectrum in mind: Seattle DIY's Carousel Festival.

The local collective, invested in projects so do-it-yourself they're beyond indie, is putting on this festival at their various house venues. Why? To raise money for Home Alive, a program that teach self-defense knowledge and skills. The festival is happening this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for really cheap: it's only $15 for all days, and features tons of local small-time bands and other entertainment. My pick for the festival is Joules, local math-rockers who have been on hiatus for the past year now; are they reuniting, or is this just a teaser? Either way, don't miss these guys' instrumental set.

But of course you knew I'd pick the post-rock band out of the festival, didn't you? ;D