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Do you remember the "Celebrity Jeopardy" sketches from "Saturday Night Live"? The ones where Will Ferrell plays an incredulous Alex Trebek who gets so frustrated with the guests that he starts asking the slowest of slowball questions. That's what this clip from Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin reminds me of.

Couric asks Marge Gunderson Palin to name just one magazine or newspaper she reads to stay informed and rather than say something right-wing rag like National Review or The Washington Times (still controlled by the Moonies!) or something safe like The Washington Post or Newsweek she says "all of them". Jesus. That's not an answer to "what newspapers do you read to stay informed?", it's the correct answer to "which of the 6 sweaters that you got for Christmas from Grandma is your favorite?".

Watch it and weep for the fate of Democracy in America for yourself:

Somewhere Tina Fey is asking herself how she can top this shit.