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On Slog the other day a poll was put up to help decide the charity that will be the recipient of this year's annual Strangercrombie auction. The Stranger said that "once a year, we do something good". Although I would also include the Genius Awards amongst their good deeds, Strangercrombie is their best deed. Besides raising money for worthy non-profits, it gives Dan Savage the karma to lick as many doorknobs as he wishes.

Last year, over $60,000 was raised by selling off parts of the magazine, cool products and events, lunches with politicians, etc… and it benefitted FareStart – a wonderful non-profit that benefits Seattle's homeless population.

This year, there are four finalists who are in contention are:

Urban Rest Stop: laundry and hygiene services for the homeless

Solid Ground: food banks, employment programs, and other services for poor families

First Place: education and counseling for kids in impoverished and homeless families

Treehouse: for kids living in foster care

All are excellent organizations that do amazing work for their communities. My personal endorsement, however, goes to Treehouse – an awesome little organization whose mission statement says "Treehouse is uniquely committed to improving the lives of our kids living in foster care. No other agency in our region responds to the needs of our foster children like Treehouse." Last year they helped 4,300 foster children.

We've also known about their good work for sometime – including giving the proceeds from Imaginary Liz's birthday party to them last Christmas time.

You can vote in the "not binding but influential" poll for whichever local organization you prefer at Slog.