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igLiz is a huge fan of the Baton Rouge indie-popsters the Eames Era, so I'm posting this video of their song "When You Were a Millionaire" for her:

Actually, I'm sharing it because it's effing hilarious. The video features the band begrudgingly playing a kid's birthday party, and the snide hipster comments from the party attendees (aged – oh I don't know – seven? eight?). It definitely gives new meaing to "what the kids are into" (or in this case, what they're snubbing). Some choice comments:

"It's like the Go Go's meets the worst thing I've ever heard."

"On my blog, I'm going to call them the Eames Air-Heads."

Brave, brave indeed. Hats off to the Eames Era for the hilarity, and hat tip to MOKB for bringing this afternoon laugh to my attention.