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If you ask Ebb and Flow how they would describe themselves, they would likely rattle off "a prog-ind-moog-soul-crazyhorse-kraut-fakejazz-slowpop mystery band," which is one too many damn hyphens, if you ask me. But what can you say? Following in footsteps of bands like Call & Response, the Ebb and Flow indulge us with playful analog and acoustic discharges from Telecaster, Moog and Melodica, Vibes, Farfisa and horn section, elevating The Mur Murs EP into a Transatlantic dance troupe-esque ambiance, and confirming that this band is indeed having a whirligig, Alice & Wonderland, kitschy time of it.

Titles like "Murmur in Fa," "Throop," and "Contra Verse" are nearly as curious as the names of the performers behind them: Kheshti, Tsitrin, and Cassetti. There's a good energy on The Mur Murs EP, and while it speaks at something which could have great potential, the most sincere advice I can offer is to promote Roshy as the lead for vocals. It's not that Sam is terrible, mind you; it's just that Roshy's voice adds a cabaret quality which I think bodes well for their sound, even if she does wander uncomfortably close to Stereolab at times. Still, what sets The Ebb and Flow apart is their quirky uniqueness; take the fact that they sell coriander berries by the bushel on their website as a prime example.