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Enviably prolific Mark Oliver Everett, the E in Eels, is at it again with the release of the band's tenth studio album Wonderful, Glorious on February 5. For those of us who aren’t good at waiting (screw those people who say patience is a virtue!) a big “thanks!” to Everett, who was nice enough to pre-release two of the new tracks including “I’m Your Brave Little Soldier” and “New Alphabet”.

Fans will recognize the familiar themes of sadness and profound loss, but this time around they are veiled in a softer shroud. On “I’m Your Brave Little Soldier,” for instance, the melody is happily driven along by sweet banjo and triangle rhythms reminiscent of a folk band at the county fair. But “New Alphabet” delves into the dirty corners of Everett’s range, his slow growl distorted and gritty on the chorus when the words just sound like noise / I need a new alphabet / when the world stops making sense / I make a new alphabet.

Everett always impresses with his unending energy, working on numerous side projects while recording and writing new material. For instance, he wrote his autobiography and produced an award-winning documentary about his quantum physicist father titled Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives, all while completing an album trilogy with Eels. Makes a girl feel lazy in comparison.

Eels will be appearing in Seattle on February 19 at the Showbox (with Nicole Atkins) in support of Wonderful, Glorious. Tickets are $25.00 in advance and are still available here.