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Let's jump right in…

The Economist endorses Obama. Brits with money think Obama's the man for the job. Read this one; it has some great insight. (Economist)

Palin popularity plummets (and other alliterations). Palin's Alaska popularity rating drops from 90 to 60 percent since her run for VP.  (News Miner)

Will your vote make a difference? You have a one in 60 billion chance, give or take. (Red State Blue State)

If the world could vote. Guess who they'd pick? (iftheworldcouldvote)

Atlas cringed. Once upon a time, I used to be an Objectivist. I'd claim I have more in common with the late Ms. Rand than this blogging nutter, who has written the messiest, more wacked rant I've ever seen, claiming Obama is actually Malcolm X's lovechild. Look if you date. (Atlas Shrugged)

Speaking of debunking rumors. This article is a great one for those pesky arguments with the other side… whichever side you're on. A great article for debunking. (Politico)


Five nights from tonight! And only one more day left for that proverbial October surprise. Think anything's coming?