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Greetings, fellow election enthusiasts! Here we are, a mere six nights away from knowing who the next President of the United States will be. How are you all holding up? Excited? Nervous? Optimistic? Stomach clenched in knots of fear?

Me, I'm still AOK, mostly because 538 calms my nerves more than Percocet on a rainy Sunday. Let me share a few words of comfort:

John McCain is NOT closing Obama's margin as quickly as he needs to (if indeed he is closing it at all). This appears to be a 6- or 7- point race right now…. In order to beat Barack Obama, John McCain will need to gain at least one point per day between now and the election. Our model does think that McCain has pared about a point off Obama's margin — but it has taken him a week to do so. Now, McCain needs to gain six more points in six more days. And he needs to do so with no real ground game, no real advertsing budget, and no one particularly strong message. Not easy.

OK, now that you're a bit more relaxed… today's news!

Obvs, the major story was Obama's 30 minute commercial that aired on all the major networks (sans FOX and CNN). I must admit, I haven't seen it yet (though I will after I finish typing this), but I've read the commentary on Wonkette and Slog and Daily Kos. Really though, I'd rather hear what all of you thought about it. Did it pack an emotional wallup? Or was it too sentimental? (That's my biggest concern, reading about it). 

Here's the Obama-merical in its entirety:


Also, Obama on the Daily Show tonight! Excited to watch that later too.

That's the haps with awesome Obama. Here are some entertaining headlines from the Dark Side, which seems to be in eat-their-own-young (and old) mode, especially my favorite story of the day:

Do you think they already regret unleashing her? Palin is already blathering about her intent to run at the national level in 2012. The McCain camp is rendered speechless. Was this a Palin gaffe, or an intentional power play? You decide. (Daily Kos)

Joe the Plummer, country music star? He's already got an agent-manager in Nashville, with a potential album out by Inauguration Day. Maybe TIG will review it? (Politico)

Racists for Obama! Obama sign and Confederate Flag, like ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony. Side by side in the front yard. (Gawker)

We've got to pray just to make it today. Prayer to false idols always helps bull markets. Or is that bear markets? Or lion markets? Wait… wha? (Wonkette/CBN)


That's what I've got. Any other exciting tidbits I missed out on today? Please share them in the comments below.