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Eight more days. Eight more days!

As I type this, I'm listening to Barack Obama's closing argument on YouTube. I love to hear him speak. That man can orate!

Here's the news of the past day or so that I've found interesting…

More exciting endorsements for Obama. The Financial Times, Anchorage Daily News, and Christians for Obama. Total endorsements: Obama 194, McCain 82. (Editor and Publisher)

88 + 14 + ATF = thwarted assassination attempt. Nutter skinhead group foiled in their attempt to shoot and decapitate 102 African Americans, ending the spree with Obama. In top hats. (Wonkette)

And from the ruins. The Republicans are fracturing. These Freepers can't wait for the fallout and their litmus test — true conservatives must support Palin unequivocally. (Daily Kos)

Guess why liberals hate Palin. Go on, guess. Apparently because she hasn't had any abortions. Huh. (National Review, via Wonkette)

Ashley Todd, the self-mutilating cut-nut, was a paid CRNC organizer. She's been canned. Epic fail. (Daily Kos)

Speaking of paid employees… Team McCain has to hire mercenaries to in the ground war against Barack. Hey, isn't that what they're doing in Iraq too? (Times Online)

I'm not the only one obsessed with the news. Sometimes it's good to read a good old fashion paper. Out loud. (Flickr)


That's the news as I've seen it. Have more to add? That's what the comments below are for.

And to sign off, here's that closing arguments speech from Obama…