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This just in thanks to Line Out: as I quasi-predicted in our wild Croc rumors blog post, Eli Anderson will be returning to the Crocodile Cafe as the Talent Buyer. Woo hoo!!

Here's the full scoop-a-licious update:

Before the rumor mill starts going bananas, I just want to give you all a heads up and let you know that Eli Anderson has been hired as the Talent Buyer for the club, and Roy Atizado has been hired as Director of Live Entertainment. You might remember Eli from his days at Sonic Boom Records, where he not only helped folks pick and choose aural delights for four years, but also managed to snag the coveted title of “Seattle’s Sexiest Record Store Employee” in The Stranger’s annual poll. After a year in Boston, where he did not win any awards or titles, but managed to maintain his indie rock cred by working for Forced Exposure and at Great Scott, Eli returned to our fair city and was promptly hired to assist with booking and promotions at the Crocodile. Since the cub’s closure last year, Eli has been working with Frank Nieto at 230 Publicity and doing part-time booking at Chop Suey.

Many of you know Roy from his long involvement in the music world. Dude has spent the last 20 years working in virtually every aspect of the business. He’s been a tour manager, an artist manager, and is very experienced on the production end of things. Roy has worked many a day and night on the behalf of artists — coordinating sales and marketing at the distribution level, and making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. Roy has spent the last three years at Chop Suey, where he has been General Manager for two years. He’ll also DJ for you, if you ask him nicely.

In addition to the fine local team of Eli and Roy, the Croc has also hooked up with the Doug Fir in Portland to help out with some of the booking. The Doug Fir will assist with national touring bands, and ensure that the Crocodile receives the same fine quality of booking that takes place in one of our all-time favorite Rose City rooms.

So, what does this mean? Will Eli be up and down I-5, more often than a serial killer? Will the Crocodile change its name to something more woodsy? Should bands send their press kits to the Doug Fir? In short: no, no, and no.

Bands should send their demos, press kits, and pretty pictures to the dynamic duo at 2nd & Blanchard. They’ll be working out of the office in October. Or, Rocktober if you prefer. The Crocodile will continue to be a room that is open to all — from baby bands playing their first shows, to major national artists. Eli and Roy look forward to working with the pool of talented booking agents and promoters in Seattle, and far beyond.

We’re still a long way off from opening the doors, but, if everything goes according to schedule, look for the grand opening to take place sometime in late January or early February, 2009. There are some good surprises in store, and I am confident that the room will sound great. I spent a good chunk of time talking with Jim Anderson this week, and he’s really giving it his all.


Viva le Croc!