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Photo by Curt Doughty

Just a quick plug for my choice for tonight’s show, an out-of-nowhere reunion of one of Seattle’s best recent rock bands, The Cops! Their two albums are essential in the Naughty Oughts canon of Pacific NW punk-related goodness, and everyone who saw them when actually “together” realized how diverse and hale they were, astonishing even Dave Day of god-level Monks when he saw them at a Saturday Knights show at Havana (shortly before his much mourned passing).

It’s a holiday blessing to have them back tonight at the Tractor, and I doubt they’ve lost any amount of that sparkle or big beat bash. Meanwhile, also on the bill is “thee” ferocious Thee Sgt. Major lll and “my new thang,” roots-bastards Eugene Wendell & The Demon Rind. Singer/songwriter and long-time music business veteran Ian Moore recorded and co-wrote the Seattle band’s nine song demo currently getting passed around by rock and rye, in the ditch, gut-bucket fucked up folk-rock fans. Mixed and mastered by Kurt Bloch, band focal point Kwab Copeland writes raw, rustic verse set to rollicking badland bomp.

Songs like “Those Fuckers” and “Mark” have The Demon Rind hanging America upside down in a cabin at the edge of the woods, nicking its arteries with squeals of mellotron and harmonium and hammond B3, bleeding it out red, white, and blue. Look forward to the eventual release of the debut Meet Me In The Garden & We’ll See What Happens but come out and see them rock the first night of Hanukkah with the Cops and Thee Sgt. Major III.

{The Cops photo by Curt Doughty.}