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To say that MC Paul Barman is a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a really crass white guy might be an understatement. To many, he represents all that is evil in the world: overpriviledged white rapper with questionable skills and the uncanny ability to rap mostly about how much he likes naked women and personal gas emissions. Yet somehow he finds himself working with MF Doom, Dan the Automator, and the like.

"Excuse You" is one of the more, well, artistic songs from his Paullelujah! Sometimes his rhymes work great (e.g., the way I communicate could make a freaking enuch mate or Jesus H. Christ, where H. stands for "holy crap!"), sometimes they make no sense (e.g., I have a very goth towel/terry-cloth cowl/and when I wear it I'm a hairy moth owl and sometimes… well… I'm advancing the artform/depantsing a fart storm? And yet, somehow, I still like hearing his nonsensical/offensive songs every time they come up. It's as if Paul is a nerd rock equivalent to Eminem, but without the (wholly serious in Eminem's case) mysogyny and homophobia.

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