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Thanks to all of you who have been checking out our new website these this past week! We've had the chance to iron out a couple of imaginary wrinkles and now we can officially proclaim: the new TIG website is launched and ready for business!

We'd love to hear what you think about the new TIG! Please feel free to comment below with suggestions/comments/glowing praise as appropriate.

Also, we just sent an email to our mailing list, outlining some of the new features. In case you didn't get the memo, here it is…

Three Imaginary Girls is giddy with pride to announce the launch of our brand-new, sparklier-than-ever website!!!! Just look at all the big fun at Three Imaginary Girls…

That's right, we've finally got a blog. Now we can update you with the latest music news, tidbits, and haps throughout the day. It's a lot more fun when folks join in, so please stop by and post a comment. We'd love that!

Love is Hard with Rachel Flotard
Every Friday, get a little nudge in the romance department when Visqueen front-woman Rachel Flotard delivers a strong dose of sharp-tongue love advice.

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We know you can't live on imaginary news alone. The indieRSS page is an easy way to keep track of nearly 100 of our favorite websites and blogs.

iPod Roulette
Get a daily musical affirmation each morning when TIG writer Erik Gonzalez turns on his iPod, randomly lets it choose the first song to start his day, and writes about whichever song comes out… no matter how embarrassing.

Stalk your favorite bands (and labels)
See everything TIG has ever written about your favorite bands or labels. For example, one of our favorite bands is the Long Winters. The proof that we've been imaginarily stalking them for years lives right here…

Just insert your favorite band after /band/ in the URL (or your favorite label by changing "band" to "label") and you can see the imaginary goods, plus valuable links to their website and MySpace pages. Neat-o!

Daily TIG Reviews
Make TIG your daily destination for new record reviews, live show reviews, and other imaginary goodies! {Psst! Recent reviews include Modest Mouse, Bad Dream Good Breakfast, Air, Aqueduct, the Cinematics, Nicole Atkins & the Sea, the Broken West, Grinderman, Mirah, Golden Bear, Low, the Shaky Hands, and LCD Soundsystem… and that's just in the past couple days.}


So there ya have it. Can we get a WOOT?!??!