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I asked both brilliant and talented photographers Erik Clineschmidt and Jason Tang to list their five favorite Bumbershoot photos. Jason offered these as his favorites. – ChrisB.

Head Like a Kite:

Head Like a Kite photo by Jason Tang

“I almost didn’t go to this one because Metric was playing 15 minutes after [their set began].  I’m so glad I did, even if it was for one song!”

Carly Nicklaus of USE:

USE photo by Jason Tang

“They totally killed it!  So much energy and a lot of fun to shoot.”

Janelle Monae:

Janelle Monae photo by Jason Tang

“Karma, I tell you. [When security stopped] letting anyone else in to the Metric KEXP lounge show, I figured I might as well kill some time and catch Janelle at the Fisher Green Stage.  Boy, was I in for a big surprise!”

Raphael Saadiq:

Raphael Saadiq photo by Jason Tang

“I actually made it to all of the lounge shows on Sunday.  Not surprising, they saved the best for last.”


Hotels photo by Jason Tang

“Epic lighting with those wall-to-wall screens. The sound was great in there too; by far, my favorite venue.”