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Our friends in Maroon 5 have supplanted Linkin Park at #1, selling nearly half-a-million copies of their new collection of song It Can't be Soon for Long (oh those clever boys!). Does anyone else think that Maroon 5 sometime very stealthily became this popular? I mean I remember they had a hit, but seriously? Ah well.

I can better understand the Blizzard of Oz coming in at #3 with Black Rain. Good ol' Ozzy, still churning them out. However, what really got me excited was seeing the U.S. Department of Agriculture landing an album at #4. Yes, the U.S.D.A. has taken it to the Top 5 and now we can remember our four groups and even the food pyramid!

Some other fun things I noticed: People like the Bravery for some reason (#24), the Beach Boys are back! (#40). Dashboard Confessional is making a big chart resurgence with their now sort-of-old new album Dusk and Summer jumping from waaaay down to #53 … Any idea why this Dashboard revival folks? Did you know that Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) has a solo album? He does and it's called A Poet's Life and people bought enough copies to put it at #59 and finally, the critical favorites (well, at least right now), the National made it in all the way at #68 with Boxer. Go team!