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From the "Things that make you go hmm…" file, Leonard Cohen is playing his first American concert since 1993. Tragically, there is only one date, and it's in New York City at the Beacon Theater.

When one thinks of him actively touring at 74, one thinks "Shouldn't you be sitting at home, having tea and oranges you brought all the way from China?" Thanks to shady dealings by his former lover and business partner to the tune of 5 million dollars, the answer is no. Though he was able to successfully sue her for $9 million dollars, she has yet to remit payment.

There is nothing more stomach churning to hear of a little old man getting fleeced out of his very well earned retirement, and I know I'm going to hell for even suggesting it, but I know I'm not the only one hoping he might play a few more US dates, even if it is just for the scratch, right?