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I'm not in the best mood this morning. Someone in this California town has apparently decided that its perfectly AOK to use (a) leaf blowers; (b) chainsaws; (c) wood chippers and (d) other sundry machinery at 7:30 A.M. Call me crazy, but that seems a bit early, and sure, I can understand that maybe most people are awake by 7:30 A.M. to go to work and such, but many people aren't. Of course, the same people using these implements of racket are the same to call the cops when a house band is playing past 10 P.M. Bah!

Anyway, today we have "Fledermaus Can't Get Enough," a strangely brilliant snythpop gem by Mark E. Smith (of the Fall) and Mouse on Mars. In a sense, it is like the chainsaw, as the song is packed with abrasive noises, like Mark E. Smith's drunkenly-slurred vocals that start off quiet and mumbled and rapidly evolve into shouted and angered. The snarling snythesize line is as angular and jagged as they could muster, sawing through the melody. Combine that with the stuttered rhythm-section, and you sort of get a acid mix of all sorts of paranoia-inducing noise that somehow all work together to make a monster club anthem … well, albeit a non-traditional club. If only the local landscape artists listened to more German-influenced synth-aggro-rock when planning how to destroy the neighborhood tree with their implements of destruction.