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Frankie Cosmos will be playing at the Neptune theater on November 10 (more info and tickets).

I found myself wandering into the SubPop store in the airport after visiting Seattle for the first time back in April. I knew I needed to buy a vinyl to mark the end of an experience. I heard the song Outside With the Cuties playing over the store radio which I recognized from my Spotify Discover through the months. I snatched up their new album Vessel along with Next Thing, returned to my suburban home in San Jose, CA and put on the record.

Moving to Seattle was my “next thing.” I had decided to transfer to Cornish College of the Arts to study interior architecture. In my study of living spaces I had realized that any vessel can be a home. My respect for their new album grew as I connected more and more deeply to the lyrics. I have been living in Seattle for the past 6 months, and I have Frankie Cosmos’ pure lyrics to thank for allowing me to trust myself and ease into the big jump I have made in my career.

My favorite song of theirs is Being Alive which validates my existence in the most calming of ways.

“Being alive
Matters quite a bit
Even when you
Feel like shit
Being alive”

The chorus is spoken in the most uplifting tones, can calm even the most anxious of souls.

Have you ever wanted to write a song? Playing off of their song Outside with the Cuties “I haven’t written this part yet/Can you help me write it?” Frankie has given you the platform to make that happen! Visit their band site to co-write through their instructions. Knowing how interactive they are with their listening community online, I’m excited to see how they interact with their audience on stage at The Neptune Nov. 10.


Photos have been taken from their site

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