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This is one of those ideas that makes one kind of cock their head like a really alert German Shepherd with both confusion and interest. A Morrisey-themed 2 day academic conference? Really? People submitted papers last year about different Morrissey related topics at last year's event! The mind boggles as to what they could have possibly contained.

Fans of the Mozzfather from all over the world decended like a swarm of morose, well-coiffed locusts upon the Irish city of Limerick last weekend for “The Songs That Saved Your Life – A Two Day Symposium on Morrissey.”

Check out Eoin Butler's blow-by-blow coverage of the event here. Hilarious!

Who would you attend a 2-day academic conference about?

My top 5:

1) Prince

2) Pulp / Jarvis Cocker

3) Tom Waits

4) David Bowie

5) Leonard Cohen