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The 1 Reel Film Festival is showing a free sneak preview of Bumbershoot shorts tonight at SIFF Cinema. Just click here to RSVP, then show up and to see some shorts goodness! 1 Reel Sneak Preview Opening Night 2009 includes:

Instead of Abracadabra

Instead of Abracadabra – Sort of a short, Swedish Napoleon Dynamite (except, in my opinion, funnier), involving the most awkward magician ever and his quest to impress a pretty new neighbor. Chimay!

Short Term 12

Short Term 12: Winner of the 2009 SIFF Narrative Grand Jury Prize, this emotionally brutal short explores the lives of both workers and teens in a detention center. Brad William Hanke uses his serious acting skills to show us that adults don’t neccesarily always know what’s right.

Whatever Turns You Onw

Whatever Turns You On: What happens when a homeless gentlemen wanders into a huge appliance store to purchase something? This, which is sweet and funny.

Other shorts previewed tonight: Andong, The Dinner, and Flowers and Weeds.

{The 1 Reel Sneak Preview happens tonight, Friday, September 4 at SIFF Cinema. Showtime is 8pm}