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I blew it last week, so here, as promised, is your supersized Free Music Friday just in time for May flowers. Ctrl-click or right-click away, loverboy…


Imaginary boy Jer reviewed Electric Laser People's Straight Talk On Raising Kids this week, and listed "Disco3000" among the album's best tracks. ELP kindly posted that song here just for you.


The Fairline Parkway is getting ready to release their Kora Records debut, A Memory of Open Spaces. We're told it's "the perfect soundtrack to a summer getaway…" which we think is just what you need on this late-April Friday, so here's "Westward Bound." Dig the sunny chimes!


LA rapper Kail just signed to Alpha Pup and is about to release True Hollywood Squares. Here's "Wendy" from that album.


Stones Throw, meanwhile, will be releasing what they're saying is "perhaps their most diverse, eclectic album yet," the debut from James Pants; here is "We're Through."


Drummer/beatmaker David Ramos has a debut coming out on Fake Four Inc. called This Up Here. Here's "Kings and Queens."


Pitchfork has this MP3 of The Long Blondes' "Guilt" remixed by Pantha du Prince. Of the original version, they say "this song is one of the better ones from the group's disappointingly uptight new offering, Couples."


Sub Pop has a new CSS track up for download! Did you hear me? NEW CSS TRACK! omgomgomgomgomgomg.


What brought me to the Sub Pop site (where I found out that CSS has a new track!) was my quest for a Flight of the Conchords MP3, to coincide with Chris Estey's review of their new album that ran earlier this week. Chris told us when his "Business Time" is, and here is the New Zealand duo telling us about theirs.


And there you have it. Please enjoy your new favorite songs.


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