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To reward you for surviving another long week, here are a handful of yummy music downloads — all totally legal, of course — for you to enjoy…

The Treats, yet another Madison, Wisconsin delight, have a few songs available for download on their website. I dig "Second Hand Reserve," which is the opener on their latest album, Reservoir Tales.

Everybody's talking about Beach House lately. Here's their song "Gila" from Pitchfork, which gave their latest, Devotion, an 8.5.

The Boneless Children Foundation, a "super fancy rock band from San Francisco, released their debut full-length, Stars for Anyone, last fall. Here's "Sigh"; you can download a few more tracks on the band's website.

Antiques will let you download their entire full-lengths, Forgotten People Tread Water and Floodlight, from their website. They ask you to pay them back by coming to a show. Since the Boston band has no plans to tour the West Coast as of press time, perhaps you'll instead tell your friends about their lovely lo-fi basement recordings.

Denver female trio Bela Karoli's Furnished Rooms was named Best Local Album of 2007 by the Denver Post. Here's "Psychosomatic"; you can get other tracks on their website.

And finally, imaginary writer Erik Gonzalez's favorite new Brit import, Duffy, is the free download at the iTunes store right now. Go to the iTunes store to download her single "Mercy."


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