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Hi folks!

Sorry I haven't been online as much as I'd like to be (my mind/pen is full of SXSW exclamations!). SXSW is a marathon of good times, that unfortunately doesn't allow for many blogging pit-stops. I'm with our Groupee friends here in Austin, TX and they've been busy doing interviews and tracking their day on the Groupee SXSW page. You should keep checking back there for blips, peeps, and new videos (I think my Wedding Present, Los Campesinos, and Matt & Kim interviews will be posted there as well in the coming weeks after we return to Seattle).

But, here at the dawn side of 4am and I'm just finally getting into bed, I've got some super quickie lists of who I've seen and notes to share — and a look at glorious glorious Friday.

Wednesday, March 12th
The BIG first day!

  • A Place to Bury Strangers: good, would like to catch them again.
    (saw Michael Stipe walking into the Mohawk Bar!)
  • These New Puritans: MUST see more of them this weekend.
  • YACHT: Not to sound repitive, but I'm very excited to see more of them this weekend.
  • Wedding Present: Fun interview with them, quite brilliant acoustic set.
  • The Judy's: OMG – a true highlight, amazing!
  • Gary Clark, Jr: He won a handful of guitar / Blues awards at the Austin Music Awards that night. He  actually really grabbed my attention and I would highly recommend him if you're into bluesy guitar heros.
  • Okkervil River with Roky Erickson: What a great last band of the night with their stellar hot duet action.

Thursday, March 13th
Day 2, joyous day, lots of good times.

  • Throw Me The Statue: Sounded great and this Planetary PR party is my favorite by far. I still giddy over the black Dickies bag and shot glass I got as the gift bag. And the snacks were tasty and the band was great!
  • Jens Lekman: All solo on stage, haunting and sweet.
    (Saw Michael Keaton with an Alice Cooper t-shirt walking down the street)
  • Secret Shine: From Bristol, UK! Classic indie-pop blast from the past.
  • Reykjavik!: Hmm… not my thing. 
  • Emmy the Great: So cute! I miss Cub.
  • Carbon/Silicon: Long wait, so uncomfortable, near fainting. Couldn't wait to leave. Oi. I think the band sounded OK. I need to see them when they come to Seattle to be able to give a fair analysis.
  • Fishboy: Perfect.
    (Britt Daniel walked in and talked it up with Fishboy a few feet away from us after the Fishboy set!)
  • El Guincho: Neat islandy dancy beats. When I looked at my watch and saw it was 2a and remembered I have to be up at 8a, figured I should head back to the hotel.

Friday, Marcy 14th
Day 3, I'm totally ready to be in the SXSW ZONE!
This is what I've got on the dance card as possibilities for tomorrow (if lines and venue capacity are on my side):

  • 12p: Born Ruffians (Cedar Street Filter Tent)
  • 1.30p: Los Campesinos (Cedar Street Filter Tent)
    (yes, I'm camping out there early. I can not miss this. ZOW! Can hardly stand the excitement!)
    (and yes, this is the only band that could keep me from heading over to the Breeders performance at this same time)
  • 2.15p: The Pigeon Detectives (Cedar Street Filter Tent)
  • 3p: The Wombats  (Cedar Street Filter Tent)
    (Yes, how totally convenient! Did you hear they have blackjack games going on there?)
  • 3.15p: These New Puritans (Fader Fort)
    (in case The Wombats don't live up to my high expectations)
  • 4.45p: Scotland Yard Gosphel Choir (Yard Dog Gallery)
  • 8.45p: Crystal Castles (Emo's)
  • 9.30p: Capgun Coup (Habana Calle 6)
  • 11.30p: Jeanine Garafalo (Esther's Follies)
  • 12a: She and Him (Parish)
  • 12.20a: HEALTH (Flamingo Cantina)
    (if She and Him is sold out)
  • 1a: Scouting for Girls (Maggie May Rooftop)
    and/or Tilly and the Wall (Habana Calle Patio)

Aye — that's a full day! 

PS – Apologies for any ugly typos — It's 4a and I wanted to say HI before the sun rises. More soonish!