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Welcome back for the second installment of Free Music Friday! Here, once again, we provide you with links to some worthy MP3s across the web. Get your CTRL-click / right-click on with the following:


Just yesterday we featured a review of The Epochs' new self-titled release. We found this link to "Mouths to Feed" on Gothamist, and we do think it's quite a catchy little number.


Speaking of The Epochs, they're supporting The Lemonheads (yes, those Lemonheads) on upcoming shows, wherein Evan Dando & co. will perform their classic album, It's A Shame About Ray. Look for a review of their Boston show here on TIG in a few weeks. Meanwhile, here's a Lemonheads track from their 2006 self-titled release, courtesy of Vagrant Records.


As Andrew Boe informed us earlier this week, Nine Inch Nails' recent Radiohead-inspired digital release is now available. The first nine tracks off the collection can be downloaded at; five bucks will get you the whole 36-song bonanza. 


Boston's Hands and Knees are getting set to release a full-length, entitled Et Tu, Fluffy? (look for our review soon), and they've put the track "We Are the Man Who Cannot Fly" up exclusively for TIG readers to download! They've got a good catchy pop-rock feel and tandem vocals that all you Los Campesinos! fans are likely to enjoy.


LA's Bad Dudes make what their followers have dubbed "party-prog," and are releasing a full-length in mid-April titled Eat Drugs. Here's the title track, courtesy of Terrorbird Media.


Also just in from Terrorbird, Sage Francis' Strange Famous label will release a full-length from producer/MC duo Prolyphic and Reanimator, titled The Ugly Truth, in May. Here's "Survived Another Winter," featuring Sage Francis, B Dolan and Alias.


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