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Ahoy there mateys! Free Music Friday here, once again, with links to some worthy MP3s across the web. Get your CTRL-click / right-click on with the following:


We ran a mini-review of Rafter's new one, Sex Death Cassette, a couple of days ago. Here's "ZZZ Penchant", courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty.


Pirate Pirate told us about the new release from Beau Jennings, lead singer of Cheyenne. It's called Holy Tulsa Thunder, and here's the title track.


And ChrisB says this Ladytron track, "Black Cat," is "50 shades of awesome." We all know that ChrisB himself is 100 shades of awesome so the track can't be half bad.


∞ Mini People in Coney Island allow you to download a .zip of their whole entire record, Nara Dreamland, which Erik Gonzalez likens to "early Death Cab for Cutie set to synthesizers rather than guitars."


∞ Common Market announced a new EP due out next month, Black Patch War. Here's the title track from that, thanks to Terrorbird.


And lastly, The Chuck Hestons from Connecticut turned up on the iPod Roulette spin yesterday, coincidentally in the same week that their legendary namesake bought the proverbial farm, so here's Chuck Hestons song "Charleton Heston Has Lost His Mind" in honor of these two synchronistic events. RIP Mr. H.


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